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You Saved Me!

1. juni 2015

Yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary. What a perfect way to celebrate in Vegas with our best friends. We went to an amazing restaurant 800 feet up. It’s called “Top of the World”, and it couldn’t be a more perfect name to how I feel.


We had a reservation for 15 people, Betsson and other friends joined us. It was  magical. I had prepared a speech to my amazing wife. Her reaction was perfect:) Since it was our first anniversary, I thought it was a perfect way to express my feelings for my wife. Maybe you all will read and understand how important she is to me and how much I love her.


We met over three and a half years ago. Through Facebook. I was not in a good place in my life. I was lost. Didn’t know what to do, how my future looked and what was next. I had very low self confidence. We talked over the phone and Skype before we had our first “secret” lunch. We went to a place where we knew there wasn’t many people. We wanted to get to know each before others knew. Everybody has heard about “Love at first sight”? I have never believed it, until I saw Louise walk into the restaurant. I was truly and madly in love from the first second I looked into her eyes. How she walked, how she dressed, how she smiled, how amazingly beautiful she was. My first thought? How the Fuck did I manage to get a date with this beautiful lady!!!


I met her parents after a few weeks. I do admit that I was really really really nervous!! Louise has told me they were very protective and that they knew who I was and about my past. Not the best way to meet the parents of the girl you want to be with you for the rest of your life. All I wanted was to be myself and show them that I can take care of their daughter. I wanted them to meet me and see who I was in person,  not by reading the papers. I nailed it! Not to brag, but I put on my best behaviour and her dad, who I felt was the most important person to impress, liked me from the first second. So I’m told by himself afterwards. I couldn’t get a better compliment. Her parents are very important to me. I love them so much and I have no problem to admit that me and Truls (her dad) are very close friends. I see him more as one of the boys than my father in law. He has taught me a lot about life in general and I’m a very lucky guy to have him in my life.

bryllup 1

We have been through a lot together my dear wife. You suddenly appeared in my life and changed it completely. You showed me all the love I needed to smile and be happy again. You gave me hope for a future that I have been looking for my whole life. You made me a better person. I can honestly say that you saved me. You saved me from hitting rock bottom emotionally. My head was everywhere and I had no idea what was coming next. I was lost. Meeting you was the best thing that could happen to me. The timing was something taken out of a dream. You follow me wherever I go and you are always there when I need you. These 3.5 years have been amazing. You care so much for me and everything around me. You show me so much love and you always support me, no matter what. You are pushing me to be the best I can be on and off the pitch. I can’t thank you enough for who you are and what you mean to me. I will love you forever and try my best to give you the life you deserve. That’s my biggest mission in life.

Can’t wait for the rest of our life together



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