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What a special day

30. mars 2015

Sunday started very early in Dublin. Me and my wife took the 07.50 flight from Dublin to Liverpool. Having been so excited I didn’t get much sleep. I have been looking forward to this day for weeks. How often do you get invited to play with world class players? Supporting a great cause? At a complete sell-out Anfield? With the best supporters in the world? I think you all might understand why I didn’t sleep much.

As we came to the airport I remembered how big Liverpool are in Ireland, especially Dublin! The airport was full of supporters and they were of course taking the same flight. I was happily taking pictures with whoever asked, this was a day to give back. As we had row 1 on the plane, I couldn’t really hide either;) My wife fell asleep during the short flight while I had a nice lady who talked non stop the whole flight next to me. She was a mad Liverpool fan so I hoped she had a good trip. As we landed at Liverpool airport the stewardess asked me if I could say a few words over the speaker, which i happily did for the fans. The respons was great so i took that as a good sign and that the supporters had a great start of their journey to Anfield.

We arrived Hilton Hotel and it was such a great pleasure to meet the boys again. Some of them I haven’t seen for so many years. We had pre match meal together and it was all laughs. Also great to see so many players flying from everywhere to support this Charity match. Like Brendan Rogers said: » No Charity match gets even close to this field. World class players from all over Europe» I have to agree. I can only speak for myself, but coming from Norway and being invited to play in this match with these players is something you can only dream about. I felt honoured and privileged to do so. I do have to say that it gives me a great pleasure being invited and a great confidence boost as it proves that I have done some great things in my career and that I for sure did something right. If not I wouldn’t have been invited.

Leaving the hotel for the stadium gave me flashback to my time here. I started getting nervous but mostly excited. Playing in front of a packed Anfield again, wow!!! So many fans were already there when we arrived with the bus, and I felt at home again. Amazing! Got the right dressing room as well, 7 years later. Even got my number 6. In the dressing room it was a great feeling and great feel of respect and friendship between the players. Everybody was chatting and laughing with each other. I must say that it couldn’t have been easy for some players coming to Anfield and play for Liverpool while they play for other clubs. But i knew before the game that all the players would be cheered for by you amazing fans. I sat next to Glen Johnsen. What a great guy! Never really talked to him before, only played against him and respected him for the type of player he is. Thierry Henry and John Terry were close to us and we had a great laugh. I played with Thierry when I came to Monaco in 1998. He had just won the World Cup. John Terry is a player I have always respected. He is a 100% fighter. Had the chance to get to know him and he is a very very nice guy. Always smiling and joking around. I know some people might not like him, but don’t judge people before you meet them and get to know them. I have no problem saying John Terry is an amazing defender and a great guy. Loved it when some fans booed him before you all laughed and then clapped for him. Well done.


Running out for warm up was a feeling I will never ever forget! The cheer, the noise, the love we all got was just insane!! I got goosebumps and I’m sure many others did as well. As the game started i knew I was playing only 45 min. And I’m not sure it took 1 min before my song started singing around the stadium. 1 min! How is that possible? I left 7 years ago and it still is a popular song? I was amazed and felt very emotional. You guys gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I don’t have words on how much it meant to me. I gave my best for 7 years and I try to communicate with all fans as much as I can, but this was almost unreal. The game was enjoyable and I must admit I really wanted to score that free kick. I tried to smash it like we all know I always try to do:) To bad it was straight at Pepe.

Leaving for Hilton we all changed and had a great dinner and party after. This gave us all a chance to show our support for the Charity we all came for. You could tell all the boys really enjoyed this occasion to catch up. I was so happy to see Gerrard, Reina, Carragher, Garcia, Alonso, Kuyt, Kewell and many more. This was a day and night I will take with me and never forget.  It was also a great chance for me to show my wife how my life was at Liverpool and how great the club is. She met all my friends from back then and I was proud, really proud. This day couldn’t have been better. We left the hotel 1.30am with a private driver. Our flight left London Heathrow for Larnaca at 0710!!!! So you can all say we were tired when arriving Cyprus and I had to go training. I also wanna give a big thank you to my club APOEL for giving me the chance to go to Liverpool. We have 7 games left and fighting for the Championship and the Cup so I thank you.




After the game we walked around the pitch to thank all the supporters for coming. As you all know I never got to say goodbye and thank you when i left. This was my chance to do so. One last walk around the pitch to thank you for the 7 years we had together. From the bottom of my heart I Thank You all for the support, the love, and the kind words you gave me during these 7 years. Without all of you I would have never ever been the player I was at Liverpool or the player I became when moving to Rome. I will love LFC and all the supporters my whole life, you gave me everything that I needed for me to give my best for you. You should know I gave my best for you every game. 100% was all I cared about and the only thing you deserve. We won almost everything together, and no matter what happens in life, remember this: Not one person can take away the trophies we won together or the memories we made together. 25/5/2005 will remain in history as the best final ever! Until I see you all 25/5 this year for the 10th anniversary of the miracle in Istanbul, I will keep communicating through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. My tattoo will also be finished by then, can’t wait to show you.  You will always have a special place in my heart.

Lots of love from your one and only Ginger. 



28. mars 2015

Since the respons on my wife’s blog was such a success, I have managed to get hold of 2 more tickets for Steven Gerrard’s Charity game that I wanna give away. I know this game is a complete sell-out and that many fans are dying for tickets. As you may all know i feel very honoured to have been invited to this game. I can’t wait to see former teammates and great players I have played against. The thing I just cant’t but words on describing is the chance to play in front of The Kop. After 7 years I have the chance to play for you again. I know it’s a friendly Charity game and I will try and be the old «ginge» that you all knew ? One thing I can guarantee, I will enjoy every single second in the dressing room and on the pitch. All thanks to you all reds out there.

Leave me a comment and give me a reason why I should pick you. I cant’t wait to announce the winner. Good luck and show me what you got

The Ginge



24. mars 2015

Sunday’s game between Barcelona and Real Madrid had everything. 2 of the best players in the world against each other and a bunch of other world class players. I was looking forward to this game and it was some great football. 98 thousand fans inside the stadium got what they hoped for. Great passing, great defending and attacking, goals and…… DIVING!!!! I can honestly say I have never ever seen a game with that much acting! I will be the first to admit that I have dived. The few times that has happened it wasn’t because I wanted and planned to dive, but some situations it happens and it looks so fucking stupid! I feel ashamed when I saw it on the reply after the game. What was I thinking? Was it because if I didn’t jump or dive that my ankle would be caught in the tackle? Was it because I would have lost the ball and pretended to be fouled so it didn’t look so stupid losing the ball?I don’t know why I did and there is no excuse.One thing is for sure, I never went down pretending to be shot!! I apologise to the referees and fans for the few times it has happened, but I will also say that I never ever intended or planned to cheat the referee at that certain point.

Sundays El Clasico was a whole lot of different diving! While I dived a few times,not intentionally, this on Sunday was diving and acting Hollywood style.. Trying to get the referee to send off the opponent players. At the end there wasn’t many players left without a yellow card. Almost every challenge someone went down looking like they got shot! Here we have 2 of the best clubs in the world falling like flies! They go down, roll around 3-4 times, screams of pain, calls for the doctor to come on the pitch before 5 seconds later stands up and walks normal. I felt sorry for the referee at the end. Some are good actors and it can’t be easy for them. For us sitting at home watching on telly it was like the comedy channel was on. We saw the fouls in slow replay and I bet most of you reacted like me, laughter of how stupid it looked, and anger! It was pathetic at one point.  I know it’s a big derby, maybe biggest game in club football and a lot of aggression and adrenalin, but is it necessary to dive and act like that? Shame that most of us remember that game because of the wrong reasons.

I think it’s time for FIFA or UEFA to consider suspension for dives and acting like that. Reason some people act shot is either to get an easy free kick/penalty, try to get someone booked or sent off. If the players knew that FIFA or UEFA can give players suspensions for this, I am sure we will see less of it. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can look like a dive on the telly because there was no contact, but the players sometimes fear for getting injured so they jump. That can happen and it’s sometimes understandable. But all the diving and acting on Sunday doesn’t belong on the pitch. Certain situations were embarrassing. There wasn’t contact and still they were lying there holding their face or leg screaming. It’s a man’s game, get up and get on with it. I use Sundays game as an example, there is to much of this going around and I hope there will be some rules. Maybe a fine, but that wont stop it. I feel suspension can at least be up for discussion?

I bet most of the footballers will admit at certain point they have dived or tried to. And like I said:  Sometimes they had to for their own protecting, sometimes, not all the time. But dive and acting dead at the same time it’s way worse. All the acting pretending to be in pain proves you are trying to cheat the referee. Trying to convince him to book or send off your opponent.  How many times do you see players going down and looking at the referee straight away? Many times, but rarely with all the acting of pain etc. I certainly hope in the near future we will have a new rule and suspensions when it comes to diving and acting on the pitch. I do believe that’s the only way forward if we want to reduce the amount of cheats in the game.

What do you think? Am i way off here?


Last few days

23. mars 2015

Haven’t been posting for a few days, and I apologise for that. Thought I could go through the weekends happenings with you all. Saturday we had a big game at home against Apollon. They are top of the league with 1 point ahead of us. How the game ended 2-2 I will never know. We dominated the game for the full 90 min. More possession and more chances. Being 1-0 and 2-1 up it was very disappointing not getting all 3 points. We conceded a penalty for the first goal and a they got a lucky second. We created so many chances to put the game to bed. We played some really good stuff. We were aggressive, we showed passion and we pressed them. Everything the coach wanted us to do and that we have worked for since he took over the team. What made it better was that the supporters were very good and I am sure they could see how well we played. If we keep playing like this I’m sure the Championship will be a fight to the end. I was so tired when I got home that I spent all night on the sofa with some films, Poker online and Skype with my wife as she is in Norway at the moment. Can’t sleep after games so I went to bed around 4.30 in the morning.

Sunday was early training. On recovery days I like to push my body in the gym. I really work hard on my upper body on recovery days. Those who played the game did some core work before we had some football tennis. Young vs old, obviously the old team won:) What also is my typical recovery day is Sauna and ice bath. I’m a really big fan of doing sauna a few times a week, combined with ice bath. Getting home I did absolutely nothing! Sunday is for me a lazy day!!! Played some poker while watching The first tournament of The Norwegian Championship of Poker online.

Today was a day off for the team. That didn’t stop me from doing something. I went with the fitness coach and played 2 hours of tennis and did some TRX upper body work. I feel that I am in very good shape at the moment and I want to keep going. I worked very hard over the last 5-6 months to get to the point where I feel i’m 100%.

Less than a week until a dream comes true again, return to Anfield!! Seeing great friends, former team mates and great opponents. I can also give you a tease: My wife will put something on her blog tomorrow that I am 100% some of you will really like and take part in ? : is her blog. Make sure you are updated on that for the next 24 hours!


Top 5 Goals

19. mars 2015

When I go through my Blog, Instagram or Facebook, most of you asks about my favourite goals. So today I have spent a lot of time going through my goals and trying to pick my Top 5. I have been very fortunate during my career when it comes to goals and how i have scored. I have also for some reason been able to score in some very big games against good opponents. When picking my top goals I have to put a lot into each decision. How the goal was, who it was against, how important was the game, what form was I in and more. Some goals I didn’t pick might have been  better or nicer, but for some reason I picked another one for reasons i mentioned above. I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the videos.

1: Freekick against Manchester United

I pick this on top for many reasons, but mostly because of how I hit the ball. I caught it perfect and I don’t think I have ever struck a ball that nice. Being against Man U also helps to make this number 1. In Norway there are mostly Liverpool and Man U fans. So for me in my first game against them, at home, to score this goal was amazing!

2: Everton away

This comes second. Not the nicest strike of the ball, but it was my first derby and i ran the whole pitch to score. I was very nervous before the game, you go the whole week preparing for this game. The whole town is just on their edge before this game. This goal also did put my name on the hearts of Liverpool fans, it made it easier for me to be accepted and to prove that I came to Liverpool to show people I’m good enough and will work extremely hard to succeed.

3: Monaco goal

This comes third. Could have been top also. But the other 2 goals were bigger games against close rivals of Liverpool. This was my first goal from Monaco. I went to Monaco at age 17, very young and i felt alone. They didn’t speak english and i didn’t speak french. My dream of becoming a footballer had happened so I was prepared to go through anything to make it. This goal gave me the self belief that I was good enough and that I had something to give. Don’t ask me why I had a shot from there. This was maybe the first time I realised that I will always do things different. Who shoots from there????

4: Chelsea Volley

Cup final, fastest goal in history, 42 seconds and against Chelsea! Do I need to say more? As you can see in the video I was alone for a long time on the left before Morientes gave me a great cross. As I’m quite confident in those situations I wasn’t thinking to much when the ball came, just focused on a clean strike. Caught it perfect and seeing it hitting the net was amazing!

5: Winning goal against Barcelona

Some might disagree with me here, but how can i leave out scoring the winning goal against Barcelona at Camp Nou, with my Right foot!! This was not a great goal with a strike from 30 yards, or bent in top corner. This is a goal that was on the biggest stage against the best club in the world. I have not scored with my right foot since as i can remember, so I had to have this in my top 5. No matter what happens in life I have scored the winning goal at Camp Nou and we as a team beat them. Can you blame me for putting it in top 5? I couldn’t find a very good video of this goal, so I’m sorry for the poor quality.

Those of you who knows my career and my goals can understand how difficult this was. I wrote down a list of goals that i could have put in as well, but my choice is made. Some goals I left out was Chelsea run from own half, Birmingham away, West brom away, Ipswich at home, Goal against Greece for National Team, Strike against Spurs, strike against Newcastle and Man City away,Strike against PSV in CL away, my winning header against Juventus away for Roma in the last minute. This was a few. As i said in the beginning, I have been very very fortunate to score some goals and I’m very grateful. I have worked hard for this and happy that hard work and believing in yourself pays off.

I would love to hear your comments on this top 5, what you agree or disagree with. Look forward hearing from you. You can also follow me on Instagram : jariiseofficial and Snapchat: riise3

Love from


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Samarbeidet med Betsson

18. mars 2015

For et par år siden  startet jeg et samarbeid med min personlige sponsor Betsson. Et samarbeid som skapte store overskrifter hjemme i Norge med tanke på spillmonopolet vi har og min tid som landslagspiller der Norsk Tipping var involvert. Jeg fikk kritikk fra flere hold, spesielt i Fotballforbundet og Yngve Hallen. » Et angrep på grunnfjellet i norsk idrett». » Alle de tusen banene vi har i Norge er et resultat av dugnadsarbeid fra enkeltpersoner og et resultat av en spillemodell i Norge, som har gitt overskudd til norsk fotball. Dette blir feil måte å si tusen takk på fra en som har nytt godt av dette, legger Hallén til». Jeg har hørt mye mer fra den kanten.

Jeg ble proff som 17 åring og før det hadde jeg laget meg egen bane utenfor huset hvor jeg stod i 5-6 timer hver dag alene og skjøt. Jeg løp i fjellene, på bilveien, syklet til skolen, løp til skolen, trente på grus mm . Jeg fikk med meg cirka 30 kamper på A-laget til Ålesund, det er alt jeg har spilt i Norge. Ja jeg har spilt landskamper i Norge, men er det på grunn av alt jeg har nytt godt av fra Fotballforbundet? Norsk Tipping? Eller er det fordi jeg har trent, stått på og prestert bra i utlandet? Var det med hjelp Fotballforbundet, Norsk Tipping og Yngve Hallen at jeg klarte å prestere slik som jeg gjorde? Jeg har vært i dette gamet siden jeg var 17 år, skryt og kritikk er en del av hverdagen. Jeg har lært meg av erfaring og ikke bry meg, men jeg skal innrømme at når denne presidenten begynte prate dritt, da ble jeg irritert. Ikke at det kom som et sjokk at han skulle kritisere meg, men det var ting han sa som ikke stemte i det hele tatt.

Når jeg startet samtalene med Betsson spilte jeg fremdelses på landslaget. Min interesse for poker hadde økt kraftig og ryktene om det gikk rundt i miljøet. Et miljø som jeg er 100% sikker på har det beste samholdet, uansett sport eller jobb. Jeg fikk en del nye venner som gjorde at Betsson tok kontakt med meg. Jeg var fra første sekund klar for dette. Jeg ble fortalt alt om at dette er ikke bra,dette kan du ikke gjøre, bla bla.. De som kjenner meg vet vel at jeg ikke er en som er redd for å si eller gjøre som jeg vil? Etter hva jeg visste så var det ingen lov mot at jeg ikke kunne bli sponset av Betsson og spille på landslaget samtidig. Jeg hadde bestemt meg for å skrive under og annonsere avtalen med dem, hva kunne skje? Skulle landslaget kaste meg ut? Jeg tenkte at det ville sikkert bli mye skriverier i media og at den godeste presidenten ville sikkert ha gitt meg et ultimatum som andre forbund har gitt Zuccarello og Larsåsen blant annet.  Var jeg villig til å risikere plassen min på landslaget for en avtale? Alle vet at å spille med flagget på brystet var en ære for meg, hver eneste kamp var en ære. Jeg sa aldri nei, uansett hvor det skulle spilles treningskamper. Jeg var bare ikke enig i hvordan monopolet var, og etter mange samtaler med Betsson og hvordan de egentlig ville hjelpe og bidra med penger til breddefotballen, bestemte jeg meg for at noen måtte ta opp fighten. Jeg har jo vært i en del kriger før, mye selvforskylt, så hvorfor ikke en til.  Norsk Tipping har gjort en strålende jobb, jeg har ikke vært en del av det utenom landslaget, men de har gjort og gjør en flott jobb. Jeg kan ikke kritisere dem for det de har gjort for Norsk fotball, men jeg vet det står flere selskaper som har lyst til å hjelpe Norsk breddefotball!!

Før avtalt signering med Betsson så hadde det skjedd en del ting som gjorde at jeg ga meg på landslaget. Ting som gjorde det umulig for meg å fortsette. Jeg går ikke inn i detaljer nå. Det kommer seinere. At timingen var rundt avtalen med Betsson er utrolig nok bare en tilfeldighet. Men selv om jeg da var ute av landslaget fulgte det dritt. Noen mente tydeligvis at fordi jeg hadde spilt på landslaget så måtte jeg gå hele livet og være lojal mot dem. Kunne ikke gå mine egne veier. Kunne ikke gjøre noe som var i strid med forbundet og dems sponsorer etc. Dette gjorde selvsagt at jeg ble enda mer keen på det! Skal man ikke kunne leve sitt eget liv? Idiotisk!

Nå er det gått 2 år og jeg må innrømme at det har vært 2 fantastiske år med Betsson. De er et unikt selskap som tar vare på sine ambassadører og kunder på en utrolig måte. De setter pris på den jobben jeg har gjort og de vet jeg vil gjøre for dem i fremtiden. De vet hvilken krig jeg gikk i når jeg signerte den avtalen og de viser meg 24/7 hvor mye de setter pris på det. Jeg og Louise er evig takknemlig for alt vi har opplevd sammen og vil oppleve i fremtiden. I disse 2 årene er Betsson virkelig kommet inn i markedet i Norge. De fleste kjenner sikkert igjen de oransje fargene, alle eventene de lager til og ikke minst turene  til Vegas. Jeg har ikke angret et sekund på dette samarbeidet. Jeg er ganske sikker på at vi blir bare enda mer synlige de neste årene.

Ha en fin onsdagskveld:)

Oransje Riise

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Gym workout

17. mars 2015

First of all I have to say a big Thank You to all of you. I released my blog yesterday and the feedback was amazing! You are always nervous when you start doing something out of your comfort zone, but you guys really gave me a kick. All the feedback has given me a lot of confidence and energy to really keep going. I know it was only the first day and every day is different, but this was awesome! I appreciated all your comments and I try and answer all of you. I know it could be a lot of work, but reason I have this blog is to connect with you all, answering comments is a big part of that. Keep it coming.

Tuesday is normally a day where I can push myself harder then other days. When we play weekends I always spend Tuesday and Wednesday in the gym. Those days I really kill myself in the gym, while Thursday is a more relaxed day in the gym with smaller weights and quicker repetitions. Sometimes I finish the gym before our football sessions, but mostly after as I want to feel fresh during normal training. Today was no different. Since we got a new manager in Mr Fink, I have spent hours in the gym. He brought a new fitness coach that for me changed everything here in Cyprus. From day one I knew this is the guy who will make me fit as never before. We quickly hit it off and started talking about my targets. He is strong as F***, but thats what i need to push myself to another level. I am getting closer to him now when it comes to lifting. We tend to work together and it’s great to see that I am pushing him also, he always wants to stay a few steps ahead of me:) I have different programs for each day. How many sets and reps also changes from day to day. For me the most important thing is to work the whole upper body. I don’t do legs in the gym by myself as we do that together in the sessions outside. Today we had double session. Morning session outside was very hard, and I went in the gym straight after. Afternoon session was more tactical and games, before another session in the gym for me. So 4 sessions in a day, you can bet I will be on the sofa rest of the day and night. But this feeling is what I love! Coming home feeling your legs, arms, chest, abs, back, triceps, biceps,shoulders in pain. Love it! All that pain means you have worked hard and you feel good inside.

I made a short  video of todays morning gym session. I did single arm exercises today. Every exercise was 3 x 10 on each arm. No break between sets or exercises. So as soon as I finished one arm I went straight to the next. And after 3x 10 on one exercise I went to a new one. Doing this with no break at all kills you at the end. When it comes to how much on each exercise, you have to find a weight that suits you and a weight you can barely make 3 x 10. Its also important to keep your core blocked. You think you only work arm, chest and back, but if you do them correctly, your abs will also be burning.


» Why did you leave Liverpool? «

16. mars 2015

One of the most common questions I get from fans:  » Why did you leave Liverpool»? I must admit that i should have stayed. Not because I didn’t enjoy 3 years at AS Roma, 3 years at Fulham and so far 1 year at APOEL. Wouldn’t be without those memories, but because I know I would have taken the place from Dossena. Maybe the one time I didn’t stand up for who I am and fought for it. I remember like it was yesterday when Benitez called me to his office. It was a few days after the exit of Champions League against Chelsea where I scored the famous own goal in the first leg. ! I honestly think that the own goal didn’t affect Rafas desicion. Maybe i’m wrong, but i’m 100 % sure that the own goal wasn’t the main reason.  Yes, I was devastated about the own goal, I was crying at home and I didn’t talk to anyone for days. I knew I let all my teammates down and especially the fans. It seems like when these things happen in big games, people forget that own goals happens. It’s part of football. Sometimes you make a decision and it doesn’t always go as planned. I don’t need anyone to tell me i made the wrong decision, I know I did!  Since we still had the second leg coming up I had to mentally prepare myself for that game.

Knocking on Rafas door was not something that scared me, I had talked to him many times like this before, but I had no clue what to expect this time. We only had 2 games left of the season. We sat down and had a nice talk about everything really. He told me they were gonna sign a new left back and that I was not gonna be first choice. Normally that doesn’t bother me because at a club like Liverpool you always face new players and hard competition. He then told me that I deserve to be first choice, but he couldn’t  give me that at Liverpool. Sometimes in Football people need a change to blossom again.  He said he would help me get to a big club, I said no thanks, I got my agent. We had 2 games left of the season and I was on 348 games for Liverpool, I asked him if I could please play part in last 2 games so I got to 350, he wouldn’t let me. 350 games would have given me average of 50 games a season. I left the office with a lot of respect for Rafa. The only thing I wish he did earlier was telling me how I stood within the team, and what I needed to do to remain first choice. If he as my manager told me I needed to step it up, I would have done everything in my power to do so. I was blind and didn’t see it. But i love Rafa, he gave me the best night of my life in Istanbul, he showed me a lot of confidence in my time with him. I learned so much from him. He was a great manager for me and my career. For him to be so honest with me during that conversation is something I will never forget and always respect him for. I still keep in touch with him.

I went down to dressing room feeling surprised, disappointed and empty. Some of the players came out of the shower and I met Carra, Stevie and Pepe. Carra asked me what gaffa said. I just told them I’m off. The looks on their faces told me they were surprised. Very surprised. I was so disappointed that I didn’t even shower, went straight to my car and started crying. Sat there maybe 20 min before I called my agent and told him everything. I ended the phone call with these words: I will show everybody that I can get back to my best! 

I had one year left of my contract, I should have stayed and fought for my place, my reputation, for my name. Yes, I knew Dossena would be first choice for the first 3-4 months, but I know I would have taken that place back. All I needed was someone to tell me that I needed to step up. I have been thinking a lot about it after, and I can only blame myself. The last year at Liverpool I wasn’t as focused as previous years. I was to comfortable with my position in the team that I didn’t work as hard as I should have and had before. Absolutely annoys me!!!! I lost what was my strength:  hard work, determination and focus.  I also should have known that Dossena coming from Italy wouldn’t adapt to English Football. This went through my head:  Do you wanna stay at a club knowing your manager won’t play you for 3-4 months, maybe longer? What about your reputation? I couldn’t sit on the bench or not even in the squad for so long. What about National Team? I could lose my place in the team. I saw only one outcome, I had to go. Had to much to lose. To this day I know I would have made the left back mine again.


Welcome to my blog

16. mars 2015

The day has finally come for me to start my blog. I must admit that I´m quite nervous, but very excited at the same time. I have for a long time been asked from different people why I haven`t started a blog. My first thought has always been that I felt I had nothing to write about. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. I want my blog to be a place where I can open up about my life, especially as a professional footballer. I want to use this blog to give something back to all the fans that has followed me throughout the years. Without all of you I would have never enjoyed my career as much as I have.  I will write about things that has happened in my life, on and off the pitch. It also gives me a chance in my own words to put things straight.

Being a footballer has always been my dream. When I was young I had no one I really looked up to. I was mainly just training hard on my own trying to be as good as I could. I will use all my experience on my blog to give something back, and try and help others to reach their dreams. I don`t say that my way is the right way, but it did work for me and if it has a chance to help someone else, I am willing to have a go. Trying to be successful at any job is difficult, it requires hard work, determination and patience. It can be a lot easier if you have someone you might look up to or someone who has done it before  you, sharing their thoughts. If that person you look up to has made their dream come true, that person sure knows a thing or two about reaching their targets.

I will use this blog to express myself in many ways. As I said before I will write about things that has happened on and off the pitch. Games, finals, training, diets, recovery, media, Q&A, personal life and more. I will also post videos from different settings of my life. This will be my way of talking to you amazing fans. Tell me what you want to read about. I want this blog to be succesfull, and for that I need all of you to help me out. At all the clubs I have played for, my first target is to connect with the fans. Without the fans the club can`t be succesfull. The fans travel all over to follow their team, spending a lot of money.  After every post you have the chance to leave a comment, use it. I will answer and use my blog to connect with you.

As this is only my first post I wanna thank you all in advance for giving me a chance. I am very excited and hope you will enjoy our ride together. Just for your information I will be posting in English and Norwegian, you can also use the Google Translate button.

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