85 years

21. april 2015

Today I have to mention my amazing grandmother. It’s her birthday and she is turning 85!! She is in such a good shape and look so much younger. My grandmother has a special place in my heart. She has always been my biggest fan. From I was a little kid she has travelled around to see me play. She has seen most of my matches in Tv, even had the family install all the channels so she was able to follow her favourite grandson, yes I am the favourite:) She loves her grandchildren so much, but I know I am the favourite;)

When I speak to her on the phone the first thing she ask about is how many goals I have scored, if we have won our games lately. She is always positive and it gives me so much to just hear her laugh. Today when I called her to congratulate she was as always in a good mood. And the same questions came and I was very happy to say I have so far scored 5 goals. She is a strong women and I was happy we had Christmas together this year.

I have just come home from training. Afternoon session again and that means I spent a couple of hours in the sun earlier. Still working on that tan, doesn’t change though, still getting red…..

Tonight is all about Champions League. Gonna get myself some food, chocolate and crisps, feet up high and just enjoy watching the best players in the world. While Louise is in Oslo she is on a mission. It must be easier to get hold of the King himself then her. But that’s ok, she is so determined with her blog. Love that. But we Skype every night and to me that’s the best time of my day. I have always been a person that has to give 100% when I start something, Louise is the same. Us being a team about blogging is just an amazing thing we have together.

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Have a great Tuesday night



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  • Reply John Arne Riise 22. april 2015 at 09:02

    Bla bla bla Ruttis. Det er bare noe hun sier til deg slik du skal være happy;) Men hyggelig at du er der for bestemor. Håper alt er bra med dere alle
    Stor klem til Sunndalsøra

  • Reply Ch 22. april 2015 at 11:13

    Gratulerer til Janne!

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