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5. mai 2015

How many times does it happen?  You have a chance to sleep as long as you want, but somehow you can’t? Today we have afternoon training after our day off yesterday. I always try to sleep in on these days. I am a night person and love staying up late. I did the same last night, but couldn’t sleep this morning! Woke up early to walk the dogs. Tried to go back to sleep but it was not gonna happen. As i’m home alone this week, I tried to find things to do. To be honest, I’m useless!!!!

As I don’t function without Louise, all I could think of doing was to have a workout in the Gym. I decided to have a good run on the treadmill in the basement before I took a swim and then did some core and abs workout outside. I did 15 min run on level 15, before I did 2×10 runs of 1 min and 30 sec break on level 20. I am suspended this weekend after picking up my 4th yellow card, so I have decided to push myself this week with more training than normal. I brought my computer while I went for the run, put some Tv Series on, it makes it easier and times go faster.



Today we are getting the keys to our new apartment in Oslo. Louise is in Norway and I know how excited she is. Although she is only there a few days, she has big plans of getting the apartment done in those days. I have told her we have the whole summer and can do it together, I don’t think she even listens to me regarding this:) If there is one passion Louise has and she is brilliant at, it’s decorating. And she wants it done yesterday most of the time. I can’t wait to see how it will look when it’s done, one thing I do know is that it’s gonna look beautiful.

It’s gonna be over 33 degrees today, so I’m gonna chill by the pool before training later. Tonight I will post how and why I decided to start working with the one and only Cornelis Elander, more known as » Hollywoodtreneren”.

Have a great day and speak soon

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