Betsson, you did it again!

19. juni 2015

For the last 4 years I have been going to Vegas during the summer holidays. First year I went with my brother and some mates, but for the last 3 years I have been there with Louise, some great friends and of course my amazing sponsor Betsson. Without them this journey we are on wouldn’t be possible. As most of you probably know I have worked with them for the last 2-3 years.

Working with Betsson has been one of the best decisions I have made. They are amazing, they give so many possibilities to do what I love, Poker. I just love everything about it. I get so excited about the game and that you really need to work hard and practice to become a good player. It doesn’t come easy. I’m not a gambler, I just love sitting down for hours and play against other players. One of the things I love the most is how friendly everybody are with each other. I have been playing tournaments in Vegas and it’s amazing how quickly we all get to know each other around the table.

poker1Always friendly around the table:)

This year we went to Vegas earlier than the years before. I was still going to play a tournament, but I wouldn’t be there for the Main Event that starts early July, so I thought. And this is why Betsson are the best and I really love them. I just mentioned to them after our trip that if there is a possibility to play the Main Event and go back to Vegas, I would love to go and play. They are always so nice and rarely says no, but this is not a trip to Sweden, it’s Vegas and the WSOP Main Event.

poker3With my idol Thor Hansen. He is a true hero in so many ways!

After a couple of days I received an Email from Betsson, tickets and hotel booked! And the Main Event was a go. I couldn’t belive it. The joy I felt was amazing! I called them up expressed my gratitude the best way I could. So yes, I’m going back to Vegas. Thanks to Betsson I’m living the dream.

I have become friends with a lot of Norwegian Poker players. I know a lot of them will be there and I can’t wait to meet them again and try to go as far as possible in the Tournament. Last year I came to Day 2. It was the first time playing Main so I was happy. The best news was Felix who came second!!!! What a great person and amazing player. This year I have practised and played more to be prepared. In Poker anything can happen, but at the end of the tournament it’s the best player that wins overall. You need luck sometimes, but playing your cards right and making the right decisions at the right time is more important.

poker2With the great Felix. Came second last year. Some player!

My target this year is a lot higher than last years finish. Louise says Day 3 would be great, and I would have been happy with that, but I’m aiming to get into the money. It’s going to be very tough and long hours, but I’m gonna go for it. I really want to give Betsson something to be proud of. Yes we do some great things together, bit I really wanna show what I can do around the table. I want to thank Betsson for again giving me this big opportunity. I’m grateful and loving every second of it.

To all my Poker friends, good luck and see you soon:)

Riise is all in

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