Giving back!

27. juni 2015

Good morning

I have been quiet last few days, with good reason though. I’ve had so many meetings about exciting things to come. Some I can tell you about later today, while some have to wait a little bit longer before i reveal them. One thing is for sure, I am very happy!

Thursday I went to Moss ( 45 min outside Oslo) and visited a very well organised Football School. 160 very energetic kids who was eager to learn. As you can see from the photos I took, they were all smiles.

I do get a lot of requests to come and visit football schools all around Norway. It’s one of those things I love doing. Giving something back to the kids. Helping them reaching their target. Talking to them and giving them my advice. I have done it all. I have been one of them looking up to players you see on television, wanting to be them. I am privileged to be in this position and I love travelling around. Least I can do is supporting them and trying to help as good as I can. All I want is for them to love what they are doing and do the best they can.


Signing autographs and taking pictures with them means so much to every single one. It’s pure joy to see how happy they are. Talking about favourite teams, players etc. Messi and Ronaldo are the ones at the moment.


I’m still training hard. Haven’t started my gym sessions yet as I’m only running the first week with some stability. Tomorrow I will put my whole gym and running program on my blog as well. Can’t wait and I hope some of you will join me;)

Have a great day


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