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17. mars 2015

First of all I have to say a big Thank You to all of you. I released my blog yesterday and the feedback was amazing! You are always nervous when you start doing something out of your comfort zone, but you guys really gave me a kick. All the feedback has given me a lot of confidence and energy to really keep going. I know it was only the first day and every day is different, but this was awesome! I appreciated all your comments and I try and answer all of you. I know it could be a lot of work, but reason I have this blog is to connect with you all, answering comments is a big part of that. Keep it coming.

Tuesday is normally a day where I can push myself harder then other days. When we play weekends I always spend Tuesday and Wednesday in the gym. Those days I really kill myself in the gym, while Thursday is a more relaxed day in the gym with smaller weights and quicker repetitions. Sometimes I finish the gym before our football sessions, but mostly after as I want to feel fresh during normal training. Today was no different. Since we got a new manager in Mr Fink, I have spent hours in the gym. He brought a new fitness coach that for me changed everything here in Cyprus. From day one I knew this is the guy who will make me fit as never before. We quickly hit it off and started talking about my targets. He is strong as F***, but thats what i need to push myself to another level. I am getting closer to him now when it comes to lifting. We tend to work together and it’s great to see that I am pushing him also, he always wants to stay a few steps ahead of me:) I have different programs for each day. How many sets and reps also changes from day to day. For me the most important thing is to work the whole upper body. I don’t do legs in the gym by myself as we do that together in the sessions outside. Today we had double session. Morning session outside was very hard, and I went in the gym straight after. Afternoon session was more tactical and games, before another session in the gym for me. So 4 sessions in a day, you can bet I will be on the sofa rest of the day and night. But this feeling is what I love! Coming home feeling your legs, arms, chest, abs, back, triceps, biceps,shoulders in pain. Love it! All that pain means you have worked hard and you feel good inside.

I made a short  video of todays morning gym session. I did single arm exercises today. Every exercise was 3 x 10 on each arm. No break between sets or exercises. So as soon as I finished one arm I went straight to the next. And after 3x 10 on one exercise I went to a new one. Doing this with no break at all kills you at the end. When it comes to how much on each exercise, you have to find a weight that suits you and a weight you can barely make 3 x 10. Its also important to keep your core blocked. You think you only work arm, chest and back, but if you do them correctly, your abs will also be burning.

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