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19. juni 2015

First of all I want to start by saying sorry for not posting the last few days. Even though there has been so much happening, there are no excuses. My blog is very important to me and I really want to put 100% effort into it. Last few days has been really really good! Being able to have a lot of time in Oslo gives me time to think and plan for the future.

Monday morning me and Louise went London. She was invited to The new Body shop Spa range release, and I was lucky enough to come along. This was a big event with bloggers from all over Europe being invited. Even I was excited since this was my first really big event when it comes to meeting other bloggers and the media was not sports journalists either. I was really happy for my wife that she was invited. We were the only ones from Norway.

The event was Tuesday and since we haven’t been in London for a long time we went early Monday to have a day there. We had our first dates in London so it was nice to just walk around and just feel great. We went to one of our favourite restaurants for dinner, Gaucho. Best beef in London! I wanted to give Louise a great day, so I just let her do her thing and I walked 2 steps behind with a smile on my face.

Tuesday morning was the release. We went with the Norwegian Body shop team, and I must admit we had a great day! We met the important  people behind the new products, they explained to us everything. It was very interesting. We even got to try out the products, just to feel how it works.

john a london

produkter london

Before going back to Oslo we were given a body scrub massage so we could really try the Spa treatment products. 50 min of scrubbing was really nice, and a perfect way to end a nice trip before travelling back to Oslo. I’m really proud of my wife. She is working so hard with her blog and it’s so nice to see it pays off by being invited to these kind of big events. Her blog will only get bigger!!

Ps: Not sponsored!!!!

Speak soon


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