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Last effort

14. mai 2015

May is a special month for every football fan or player. It’s the month that decides everything for the team you support or the team you play for. The players are tired after a long season, the fans are nervous going into the last few games. One thing is certain, May always brings drama when it comes to football. On a personal level, we are still top of the league and playing The Cup final. 2 games to go in the league. All to play for and my focus is on these last few games. Push myself to give every bit of energy I have left to help my team. This is what you train and play for the whole year, to have a chance to win trophies. More on that on a later stage.

Today has been a very very busy day!! Since we bought an apartment in Norway, we decided to take back some of our furniture and stuff we have here in Cyprus. It will take a few weeks to arrive so Louise started a while back with all the packing and organising.

Today the moving company came to help us pack down what we wanna send back. I bet I think like most men, when we have hired someone to do it, let them do it. Yes, you help and do some things, but not according to my wife. We do everything!!! We were up at 7.30 and have I lifted, carrie, packed, walked million times up the stairs??? 3 floors!! I was so happy when the clock passed 3 pm, it ment I had to go for training. Shame I couldn’t do more at home…….

Louise is amazing when it comes to packing and organising. She has 100% control of absolutely everything in the house. Furniture, clothes, shoes, you name it, she knows. Where she get that kind of energy to keep going all day and night, I don’t know. She never stops until it’s all done and she is happy. I must admit, I do get pushed around by her. Normally I am the one with all the energy, but this I hate! I’m tired before we have even started. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. But I’m proud of my effort today. Besides, I have to put in an effort today, tomorrow is the day before the game and I won’t do anything. This is something that has always been important to me. All rest and prepare for our big game on Saturday. Luckily she knows all this and won’t push me around.

Tomorrow I will post something about Steven Gerrard. Saturday is his last home game for Liverpool, and I want to honour this amazing player and person with some kind words.

Hope you all had a great day and I wish you a good night.

See you tomorrow

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  • Reply David Bryning 14. mai 2015 at 19:44

    Hi their john haven’t spoken to you for a while fingers crossed for u and your team for winning the league and the cup final moveing is probley one of the most stressful things in the world Saturday is gonna be a heart breaker for stevie and fan’s but at the end of the day he’s always be loyal to our city & club he doesn’t he must feel like he’s getting pushed out and for him not to play him against Real Madrid away I think that was the begging of the end he will be fully committed until the very last kick of his last game against Stoke away but Saturday last game at anfield will hurt him more than his last game away against stoke I was lucky enough to get invited in to melwood yesterday witch was a absolute amazing with this amazing flag what will be in the ground on Saturday I got my LAST signerture’s for my little man dJ he is heart broken just hope well sign some one who will fill his boots but as u know that’s gonna take some doing YNWA take care m8t an hopefully c u 10 days or so ?

  • Reply Mats 17. mai 2015 at 09:59

    Jeg lurer på om du noen gang har hatt noen skader som har satt deg ut av spill? I så fall hvilke type skade og hva er det lengste du har måtte være på sidelinjen?

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