Lazy Sunday

5. april 2015

Today has been a very lazy Sunday. Having lost yesterday I was in a very bad mood when I woke up and went for training. I hate losing, and especially when we play bad like we did yesterday. The fans really showed up but we didn’t perform to our standards. That happens sometimes, but it still hurts. Now w e have a semifinal game on Wednesday. Can’t wait for that! Home game in front of our fans, that will be a special game.  Normally when I come in for training I’m smiling and show a lot of energy. Not today. We had a meeting about the game before we went outside for recovery session for those who played and a normal session for the other players. To get out some of the frustration I went in the Gym with Niko, our fitness coach. I told him I really wanted to get some anger out and I wanted to feel the pain. As I expected he only smiled and said «No problem machine».

I came home feeling pain everywhere. Luckily my wife know’s what kind of mood I’m in when we lose. She is amazing and straight away starts cheering me up. To have 2 small dogs running towards you when you come home also helps. My wife did take care of the house while I rested. While Sunday is her cleaning the house day, it’s my rest day. I can’t and won’t do much on a Sunday:) Been working on my blog, answering E mails and had some important phone calls. Since we both have a blog, we talk a lot about it and helps each other as much as we can. It’s such a good feeling being a team and working with my wife.

Tonight is TV night. Since we miss a lot of Norwegian TV we are watching stuff online. And yes, we are now watching «Paradise Hotel». We are a few episodes behind so we will try and catch up tonight so we are on schedule for tomorrow. We do have a soft spot for Mathias.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for a new week.

Speak soon


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