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30. mai 2015

The day is finally here. It’s time to play some Poker in this years WSOP in Vegas. This is what this trip is all about. Since I’m in season most of the year I can’t play EPT or other big Poker tournaments.To me this is a dream come true.  Every year I’m excited to take my wife and friends to Vegas with Betsson and play in The World Championships. Although I’m not a professional Poker player, yet, I’m learning all the time. I watch videos, read books and try to learn from the best but at the same time try to find my own style of play. As any other thing I do in life, if I start something I’m doing everything I can to be as good as I can.

Yesterday was a great day. Woke up early, had breakfast in the room before we went down to the pool and met our friends. It was around 38 degrees, but to me it felt a lot warmer!! Since we are on holiday we started very early with some slush drinks. I love those kind of drinks when it’s so hot. Music was on by the pool and we really enjoyed ourself. We got some amazing friends with us and we have such a great time together.

In the afternoon I had to go with Betsson and register for the tournament I’m playing in today. Me, Tone, Felix and Markus went together. We were told there could be a waiting line up to 3 hours!! Luckily it took us only 30 min to get through. I’m always so excited to play in big tournaments. They told us it’s 20 thousand players in this tournament. Challenge accepted! Met my poker idol Thor Hansen at the hotel as well. What an amazing person. He has done so much for Norwegian Poker and Poker in general. I have played with him a few times, I really hope I can play at the same table here in Vegas. Love that guy.

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Riise og Betsson

Riise og Thor HansenRiise og ToneWe went for a Betsson dinner later that night. Gumball 3000 came to Vegas so it was time for a big party. As always Betsson never holds back when it comes to dinners and making people feel great. Everybody was in a great mood and ready to have a great time. In Vegas they are very strict when it comes to ID. And of course I forgot mine!! I couldn’t get in and join the others. Me and Louise went back to our hotel to pick up my passport, but had to wait 45 min for a taxi to get there, and the same to go back. We just figured there is no point going back when it took so long. Disappointed!!!!! We got some pictures from our friends, looked amazing.

Wishing everybody a great Saturday. We are going to be by the pool all day before I go into game mode. You can follow me on Snapchat, Riise3, to see how I get on in the tournament.



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