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One last push!

24. mai 2015

I’m just in bed at the team hotel. So many thoughts in my head. But only one of them are important at this moment The League title! Wednesday we won the Cup. My first trophy for some years. Was an amazing feeling. To score a “Riise rocket” was also special. I wrote before the Final that I played for Louise and that this was a chance for me to give something back to her. To be able to do that was an incredible feeling. She was proud, that’s what matters to me.

Today is the last game of the season. We are 3 points ahead. We only need a draw, but we never think like that. We are going for the win as always. This is why I came here, to be in a position to win. And today we can win the League! Something I haven’t done since 2000 with AS Monaco. I have been so close many times, but not as close as today. I am desperate for this title! I have dreamt of winning a League Championship for so long! I will not miss this chance today. The whole team are very focused and ready for the challenge. Winning the Cup gave us a lot of confidence that we will use today. The fans will be on fire today and give us all the support we need.

When I think back, it’s been a season with a lot of ups and a few downs. I came in September after 3 months holiday. I was not in good condition. I was 5% body fat- and 5 kg too heavy. I needed a long holiday to get my head sorted and motivation back. Now I knew the hard work started. But I will never ever let my body go down like that again. I’m a fitness freak and it’s the first and last time it will happen. I felt bad, but 3 months off was extremely good for my head. I needed it to be able to keep pushing. OK, body fat and kg was not where I wanted, but that’s easy to get rid off. I was mentally ready now. I had my own plan for my stay here in Cyprus. Win trophies, get back to being a machine and show I was far from done.

It took some weeks to be fully fit and ready. When Thorsten Fink took over as coach, he brought Nikola. His fitness coach. I’m sure you have seen my Instagram, Snapchat pictures of the two of us together. This guy changed my life when it comes to fitness. He made me fitter and stronger than I have ever been. He is by far the best fitness coach I have ever seen. We worked every day in the gym, apart from day before a game. From the first day when I realised who he was, what he has done and how good he was, I told him: Niko, You are the guy I have been waiting for, make me into a machine! I want to get to a new level. A level I have never been. I want to show the doubters and haters that I’m still here. Push me to the limit and make me as strong as I have ever been. His reply? “Don’t worry machine, we start today”. I thank you Niko for what you have done for me, what you have taught me about football fitness.I thank you for what you will help me with in the future, but more importantly, I thank you for the friendship we have. You are the reason I came back to my best and now has 6 goals.


riise og niko


The whole team has worked so hard for a year. I only came in September, but APOEL started in mid june. The players have put in so much effort. The whole team deserve to be in this position. We deserve to be fighting for the title. But to win it we need to be 100% focused today and give everything we have. It’s the last game after a long season. No games are easy, and today will also be difficult. But we are ready, and with the support from our passionate fans, it’s going to be an exciting game!



Let’s give it all boys and have one last push!!!!!!!


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