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8. september 2015


Good morning

My first week with my new club is done. We have trained hard and things are getting better. I thought I would share some of the photos during my first week with Delhi Dynamos.

We have our pre season in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am very happy doing all this hard work under normal temperatures. I personally would have struggled doing it in India. My day consist of wake up, breakfast, training, lunch, rest/sleep, training, dinner, rest/sleep. Not much happening, but I love these weeks. It gets you fit and ready for the season.


I am using my experience along with Malouda to help the players and team to be as well prepared as we can. We lost our first friendly 3-1. I was happy to score our goal, but the performance was not good from us. By then we only had 4 days together. I am expecting more for our next game.




Having my big idol Roberto Carlos as coach is amazing. He was the one I looked up to as a left back. His shooting and passing was something I always tried to learn from. He is a very nice person, likes to laugh and have fun with the players, but he is a very tough coach. If you don`t do as he wants, he makes you run. He expects 100% focus, hard work and to be professional. He says that football is fun. You should enjoy playing football. But if you don´t work and do the right things, it will not be fun running lap after lap because you did not do things right.


We are staying in Sweden another week before we go to Denmark for a few days. We travel to India on the 19th of September. really look forward to it.


Tomorrow is a big day for me. More on that on the blog later

Have a great day



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