Thank You Captain Fantastic!

15. mai 2015

I’m just lying in my hotel room. We got a very big game tomorrow at home. 2 games left and all to play for. we are very focused and ready for the big job we have tomorrow. All I would do from now and until the game is rest. Get the right food and fluid. Games tomorrow is what it’s all about. Full stadium and fighting for the title.

But while I’m lying here, I also know tomorrow is my good friend Steven Gerrards last home game for Liverpool. When you’re playing you never think that the day Steven Gerrard plays his last home game would come. Sadly, tomorrow is that day. After 700 games +.  I wouldn’t normally post anything when a player plays his last game, but Gerrard is not just a player. He is “THE” player, the best I have ever played with.  So I felt I had to write something to show my appreciation for Steven. Because to me and my career he has been so important. Without his support, advice and friendship, alongside Carragher, Hyypia and Murphy I wouldn’t have succeeded at Liverpool.

When I first came to Liverpool in 2001, he was one of the first that approached me. Even though I couldn’t understand the scouse accent, I felt this guy was really nice. It took me 4 months to understand scouse. He was so down to earth, friendly and helpful. So was the rest of the players, but him, Carra, Murphy and Hyypia was players that stood out. I was 21, but felt I was younger. Like a small kid.  They have all told me after I left Liverpool that they knew I came there to prove I was good enough after I smashed them all in the first fitness test. That test made life easier for me.

Football - FA Cup - Final - Liverpool v West Ham United riise og gerrard 4 riise og gerrard2

Gerrard was a player that stood out from day 1! He was just unbelievable! He had everything. Strong, quick, stamina, passing, shooting, tackling. He was a leader, but the thing that made me realise he was world class was the person he was. Humble, quiet, supporting, hard working, family man and always there for his teammates.

Over the years we bonded and became good friends. When you play 7 years and over 300 games together, that’s normal. I do hope and believe he thinks the same about me;) I must admit we did have some great times off the pitch that we can have a drink and laugh about now!

We won a lot together, and he was sometimes the reason why. When I went through difficult time after my own goal against Chelsea, he was there to support me, he texted and called me just to make sure I was ok. Yes of course there was other players there as well, likes of Carra and Hyypia, but today it’s all about Gerrard.

riise og gerrard1

I wanna thank Gerrard for everything he has taught me. Even though we are the same age, he became someone I looked up to and someone I wanted to learn from. I am grateful for the time I had on the pitch with him. Liverpool has many legends, but I agree with Fowler, He is the greatest Liverpool has ever had. I’m honoured that I can say I played 7 years with the legend himself. I won Champions League with him, even though I think he won it for us.

gerrard 1

Thank you for coming to Norway and supporting my Football school. Thank you for the memories and I can’t wait to see you play in The States. But I do hope he practises his  golf, that’s one place I am for sure better than him!   Enjoy your last game at Anfield, you will get an amazing send off, well deserved. And to all Liverpool fans: You have not seen a player like him before, give him what he deserves. Without a doubt the best and most complete player I have ever played with.



Hope you enjoyed this read about Gerrard. It’s movie time now before a long sleep before tomorrow’s game. MONO APOEL

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  • Reply Larra. 15. mai 2015 at 18:53

    Oh. Tomorrow will be a very special day for my and for all Liverpool Supporters. I´m sure that I´m going to cry when the match ends. My idol…
    Enjoy the Game. It will be a Historical Day. #YNWA #RELEASETHEKRAKEN

  • Reply David Bryning 15. mai 2015 at 19:16

    Hi john I love your blog what u say I know it’s from the bottom of your heart tommorows speech after the game will tear him and all his fans from around the world apart I’m goin so emotional just thinking about it goodnight and good luck tommorow champ YNWA

  • Reply Dave 15. mai 2015 at 19:49

    Brilliant little tribute that. Great words. Any chance you want to explain what you and Carra are saying to Gerrard in that last picture, looks like you was having a good laugh either way.

  • Reply Lavitoz 15. mai 2015 at 20:20

    Emotional… <3

  • Reply KLOOOOOOOPP 15. mai 2015 at 20:46

    Feeling sad ? watch this…

  • Reply Redriise 16. mai 2015 at 00:57

    You’re a class act John….When are you going to tell us how you scored that goal!? YNWA

  • Reply Abyss 16. mai 2015 at 01:32

    Wow! Brilliant post this! And I have to say I always was, am and will be a massive fan of yours as a time when a lot of us are struggling to come to terms with the current identity of the club and what it has become, reading this article reaffirms my faith in it in a strange way. I needed this. And a fantastic tribute by you.

    Thank you for this John, may you win many more trophies in the future. YNWA!

  • Reply Dylan 16. mai 2015 at 04:40

    Class act that John Arne Riise guy

  • Reply Emmett Brosnan 16. mai 2015 at 07:46

    Very nice tribute.

  • Reply Gano1 16. mai 2015 at 10:33

    Well said John……………………today is a terrible day for Liverpool.

  • Reply Gregz0r 16. mai 2015 at 11:24

    Awesome tribute. I’m a grown-ass man, but I’m feeling water in my eyes.

  • Reply RW Hong 16. mai 2015 at 13:27

    Nice ans as u said, well deserved tribute to Mr Steven Gerrard.
    A legend made by himself.

  • Reply Rejo Mammen Joy 16. mai 2015 at 15:31

    I am your great fan Sir. I used to watch your videos before any game, it inspires me alot. I too a lefty.
    Liked your post, emotional.Its great to hear you miss your good fr even after years. Like u we all will miss THE Legend. #YNWA

  • Reply MalaysianKop 16. mai 2015 at 15:54

    Thank you John for saying good things about Stevie. I miss the moment you guys were playing together. I am very very sad here..

  • Reply Vinoj 16. mai 2015 at 16:41

    Very touching tribute JAR! It is indeed a very emotional moment for lots of us fans who have been growing with Gerrard ; the moments he has given us as a footballing legend can never be replicated, and can never be forgotten. YNWA.

  • Reply Andrew Howe 16. mai 2015 at 19:30

    Gerrard, Carragher, Hyypia and Murphy – boy did you do well for colleagues ?

  • Reply Stephen Keely 17. mai 2015 at 00:54

    John, how did you score that goal!
    Great words from a true gent, always welcome at Anfield!
    Come see us again soon.

  • Reply liselle 17. mai 2015 at 17:11

    Such a great post! So touching.. John. I’m always so proud of you guys. Do not forget that you’re still a part of LFC family. Thanks for this awesome tribute.
    I love ur blog xx

  • Reply Banzybanz 18. mai 2015 at 14:17

    «I won Champions League with him, even though I think he won it for us.» It was your cross that started it all John… You played your part too

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