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19. mars 2015

When I go through my Blog, Instagram or Facebook, most of you asks about my favourite goals. So today I have spent a lot of time going through my goals and trying to pick my Top 5. I have been very fortunate during my career when it comes to goals and how i have scored. I have also for some reason been able to score in some very big games against good opponents. When picking my top goals I have to put a lot into each decision. How the goal was, who it was against, how important was the game, what form was I in and more. Some goals I didn’t pick might have been  better or nicer, but for some reason I picked another one for reasons i mentioned above. I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the videos.

1: Freekick against Manchester United

I pick this on top for many reasons, but mostly because of how I hit the ball. I caught it perfect and I don’t think I have ever struck a ball that nice. Being against Man U also helps to make this number 1. In Norway there are mostly Liverpool and Man U fans. So for me in my first game against them, at home, to score this goal was amazing!

2: Everton away

This comes second. Not the nicest strike of the ball, but it was my first derby and i ran the whole pitch to score. I was very nervous before the game, you go the whole week preparing for this game. The whole town is just on their edge before this game. This goal also did put my name on the hearts of Liverpool fans, it made it easier for me to be accepted and to prove that I came to Liverpool to show people I’m good enough and will work extremely hard to succeed.

3: Monaco goal

This comes third. Could have been top also. But the other 2 goals were bigger games against close rivals of Liverpool. This was my first goal from Monaco. I went to Monaco at age 17, very young and i felt alone. They didn’t speak english and i didn’t speak french. My dream of becoming a footballer had happened so I was prepared to go through anything to make it. This goal gave me the self belief that I was good enough and that I had something to give. Don’t ask me why I had a shot from there. This was maybe the first time I realised that I will always do things different. Who shoots from there????

4: Chelsea Volley

Cup final, fastest goal in history, 42 seconds and against Chelsea! Do I need to say more? As you can see in the video I was alone for a long time on the left before Morientes gave me a great cross. As I’m quite confident in those situations I wasn’t thinking to much when the ball came, just focused on a clean strike. Caught it perfect and seeing it hitting the net was amazing!

5: Winning goal against Barcelona

Some might disagree with me here, but how can i leave out scoring the winning goal against Barcelona at Camp Nou, with my Right foot!! This was not a great goal with a strike from 30 yards, or bent in top corner. This is a goal that was on the biggest stage against the best club in the world. I have not scored with my right foot since as i can remember, so I had to have this in my top 5. No matter what happens in life I have scored the winning goal at Camp Nou and we as a team beat them. Can you blame me for putting it in top 5? I couldn’t find a very good video of this goal, so I’m sorry for the poor quality.

Those of you who knows my career and my goals can understand how difficult this was. I wrote down a list of goals that i could have put in as well, but my choice is made. Some goals I left out was Chelsea run from own half, Birmingham away, West brom away, Ipswich at home, Goal against Greece for National Team, Strike against Spurs, strike against Newcastle and Man City away,Strike against PSV in CL away, my winning header against Juventus away for Roma in the last minute. This was a few. As i said in the beginning, I have been very very fortunate to score some goals and I’m very grateful. I have worked hard for this and happy that hard work and believing in yourself pays off.

I would love to hear your comments on this top 5, what you agree or disagree with. Look forward hearing from you. You can also follow me on Instagram : jariiseofficial and Snapchat: riise3

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