# General

Welcome to my blog

The day has finally come for me to start my blog. I must admit that I´m quite nervous, but very excited at the same time. I have for a long time been asked from different people why I haven`t started a blog. My first thought has always been that I felt I had nothing to write about. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. I want my blog to be a place where I can open up about my life, especially as a professional footballer. I want to use this blog to give something back to all the fans that has followed me throughout the years. Without all of you I would have never enjoyed my career as much as I have.  I will write about things that has happened in my life, on and off the pitch. It also gives me a chance in my own words to put things straight.

Being a footballer has always been my dream. When I was young I had no one I really looked up to. I was mainly just training hard on my own trying to be as good as I could. I will use all my experience on my blog to give something back, and try and help others to reach their dreams. I don`t say that my way is the right way, but it did work for me and if it has a chance to help someone else, I am willing to have a go. Trying to be successful at any job is difficult, it requires hard work, determination and patience. It can be a lot easier if you have someone you might look up to or someone who has done it before  you, sharing their thoughts. If that person you look up to has made their dream come true, that person sure knows a thing or two about reaching their targets.

I will use this blog to express myself in many ways. As I said before I will write about things that has happened on and off the pitch. Games, finals, training, diets, recovery, media, Q&A, personal life and more. I will also post videos from different settings of my life. This will be my way of talking to you amazing fans. Tell me what you want to read about. I want this blog to be succesfull, and for that I need all of you to help me out. At all the clubs I have played for, my first target is to connect with the fans. Without the fans the club can`t be succesfull. The fans travel all over to follow their team, spending a lot of money.  After every post you have the chance to leave a comment, use it. I will answer and use my blog to connect with you.

As this is only my first post I wanna thank you all in advance for giving me a chance. I am very excited and hope you will enjoy our ride together. Just for your information I will be posting in English and Norwegian, you can also use the Google Translate button.